You have the right to choose where to go for auto glass services in East Texas

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If you've never filed an auto glass claim before, you may not know where to begin. Call Action Auto Glass before your insurance company, and we can help make the process go as smooth and fast as possible. We work with all major insurance companies in East Texas, and we know all of the ins-and-outs when it comes to the insurance claim filing process.

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Did you know...?

You have the right to choose what shop will replace your auto glass in Texas

If you call your insurance company to file an auto glass claim, you may not be given all of the available choices of where you can go for auto glass services. Many times insurance companies will try to get you to go to a place that is on their "preferred list". However, we think everyone in East Texas needs to know that wherever you choose to go for auto glass or windshield services, your insurance company must honor the claim.

It is your right, protected under state and federal law, to choose where to go in East Texas for auto glass replacement services.

Comprehensive insurance should fully cover windshield or auto glass replacement

Most comprehensive insurance coverage policies will cover windshield replacement and auto glass replacement as long as the damage wasn't caused by an accident or collision. Auto glass damaged caused by an accident collision will typically only be covered by insurance if the owner has collision insurance.

Action Auto Glass can help make filing a claim go as easy as possible

The team at Action Auto Glass has decades of experience working with insurance companies and filing auto glass replacement claims. Call us at 903-571-6590, and we can get the process started for you!

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